Tuesday, 29 March 2011

More pictures of the city I call home DURBAN

Ladies giving me a warm smile 

Lunch time 

I love sugar skulls , just me again playing with styles

This is some work I did last year  , I really enjoyed it and thought it deserved a mention enjoy one love pigeon girl xx

Me playing around

Anti-design Campaign

Here is Campaign that was done for an anti-design brief at college, each group had to make a one minute movie which was about Anti-design and then individually design a campaign for the movie.

Inside design & cd label

Poster design 

Poster design

T-shirt Campaign


Viral campaign

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Hang ten Hoodie Project

Everyone at Tech was given an XL blank  hoodie , We where then placed into 
Groups of two and set the brief.The Brief in tales That we where to design the hoodie 
Around the concept of "The traveling hoodie "Amy Tennant and I chose to do mainly 
Illustration work on the Hoodie .
Here is us working late into the Night. painting , chatting and stressing.
Amy working hard on her sketches ,we decided to use fabric paint and fine liners due to cash restraints , But we really felt it worked to our advantage .

Here's the design we drew on the sleeve , our whole concept was based around the journey of a student through the eyes of a rabbit . we chose rabbits because we are both obsessed with them and felt it might be something different .
Heres the feet we placed on the back of the hoodie 

Here's our tag 
This is a graffiti wall done by Skullboi at Tech , we thought it would be cool as a background

Here's our finished hoodie yay!
side view of the hoodie 
Back of our hoodie

hope you enjoyed this as much as we did , it was a great experience and I think we pulled it off , look out for more pics,
one love Pigeon girl 
Hey guys here is our Hoodie up at Ushaka Marine world Hang ten

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

just a few photographs

This is the DUT local hawker and I thought he deserved a mention
I just love the fact that even our bins have design on them 
World cup 2010 Netherlands fan
while on florida Rd anything happens 
this picture was taken while at a friends 21st 
I happened to capture this moment while having lunch on florida Rd

some work for a hoodie project

Just alittle doodle to say hi !

Lets get Started!!

Well This is my very first blog or post ever !!  and for a blonde this whole process of blogging was way over my head , But look ma , I did it . I m a 3rd year graphic design student  and Im hoping what ever I put up on this blog will ever inspire , repulse or even excite you.
So welcome all  to my blog , feel free to comment , post or what ever one does on a blog , just 
hope you guys really enjoy it all .