Monday, 19 September 2011

MTV animation

my desk :) 

We had to design a logo for MTV Cone . which stands for 
conserve. our . natural . environment.  I didnt put this logo into the movie 
because I felt it was to slick , but would be great on a shirt or sticker.

This brief asked us to do a 20 sec animation on global warming or any aspect such as over population , pollution , etc . I choose to call mine Meat is Murder , its a comical look at or greed and the meat industry .
I did it in the famous Terry Gilliam style of cut-out animation, I did all by hand , wow alot of work 
but fun . Hope you enjoy .

South African Cookbook

 For this brief we where asked to design a South African cookbook , So I decided to design a Veg Cookbook, called Maklik , The South African guide of how not to eat your friends . I had loads of fun with it , and used found objects , drawings and photo's of my own garden and pets . Enjoy

Cover page 

back page 

contents page 

chapter intro