Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A doodle for fun

This just me playing around in the holidays , bringing my creatures to life . Enjoy one love pigeon girl :)

Book cover

Here is just a simple Book cover I did for drawing a while ago , I liked mixing the styles up

Double page spread .

Hey there , this is one of my most recent projects , We where asked to do an Illustration for a double page spread ,we where each given a five different articles and had to choose one . I decided to do one called Man Must Wack , It is an article based on Durban and almost its grungyness  as a city. It made me smile when I read it , and I wanted to focus most of my work on a South African feel. we also had to choose a magazine for the spread to go into, I choose Design Indaba. It a pretty cool , South African design mag , with simple yet effective layout. So here is my work , Enjoy peeps :) 

This is the illustration.

Page one of the Double page spread , I kept it clean and simple .

This is the 3rd page , still keeping it simple.
Hope you all enjoy :) 

Fast food packaging design.

For this Brief , we had to choose between redesigning fast food packs in a more eco-friendly way or 
design a pack to fit five doughnuts  into. I choose to redesign The Nandos packaging.
My concept was that with each burger combo deal , you would receive a packet of Peri-peri seeds,
which you could then take and plant into your Box( which looks like a chicken ). The concept for me was to make the pack reusable. So plant your seed and spread the love :) 

This the poster for the campaign.

This is the seed packet you will receive.

This is the burger box , The wings are cut out and the feet , so it looks like a chicken :)

This is the cup sleeve , the wings are also cut out .

Here is the chip packet , the feet stick out , it quite funny :) 

Ijusi, Typografik Africaka vol 3

This was a project that we did with Garth Walker of Mister Walker Designs.
We where each asked to design a type that was based on something unique to South Africa.
I choose to design my font on the flyers that are very common in Durban, Dr Jumba flyers , that can cure 
and heal any sexual problem. only a few students where selected to be published in The Jusi, TypoGrafika Afrika Vol 3 . My outrageous font was one of them .

here is the flyer :)

This is a rough sketch of the font 

The lectures asked us to do a double page spread for them , as to show where we
got our inspiration from .

Here is the final piece that was selected for Ijusi. 
Hope you enjoy it , pigeon girl .